Uniek Motorsports has become a overnight success and has set new standards for vehicle sales and high quality services. With roots in the automotive industry spanning over 15 years, we are sure to provide you with unparalleled products and service in the years to come.

We carry some of the best aftermarket products available and stock the most exotic, one off vehicles in the world for our most unique customers. Our gallery was created for these individuals who dare to be different. Located in the heart of Mountain View, CA. It is our continuing aim to turn that unique spirit associated with the love for vehicles into an experience. An experience you will not forget from the minute you walk in our doors until the minute you drive away in the car of your dreams.

Results Driven

We are not here to just sell you parts and services but rather build a lasting relationship with you.

Proven Technology

We firmly believe in doing it the right way the first time – we will not install or sell parts we do not stand behind.

Winning Culture

Our experienced team is in this industry simply because of passion. This passion reflects in our parts and vehicles.

Top Performance

From bolt-ons to full motor builds, we have the knowledge and tools to make your vehicle perform at its highest level.

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